samedi 25 août 2012

(Ca déménage !)

On ne sait plus trop où donner du regard sur cette façade entre le palimpseste de l'enseigne (Ameublement/Déménagements), les tags et autres collages recouvrant la partie basse de ce mur. On y lit encore "Garde-Meubles TRO***SSO". Mais faut bien avouer que c'est un peu l'anarchie !

Le Mans, 13 rue de la Barillerie, 30 juin 2012.

4 commentaires:

  1. Here is an example of street art mixing with ghostsigns from the UK

  2. Thank you Sam for this comment. I had not seen the wall in the corner of the street art, but it is right! and I had not seen immediately because we are here in a provincial town, Le Mans, and this kind of art is rather to Paris, where I live, like all white silhouettes (between skeletons and ghosts) of Mesnager.

    Thank you for following my blog and tell others about you.
    I added your blog to my list :) and do not hesitate to let me know your findings. Do you know if French brands have been exported to foreign walls (as Dubonnet?)

    Sincerely, Clio

  3. Thank you, I did tell people about your blog recently. See here.